Saturday, July 05, 2008

Akon featuring Michael Jackson Hold My Hand leaked single

**Sorry, this seems to be gone for good, but please feel free to browse around**

Maybe it's Michael Jackson feat. Akon? I don't know, I've seen it both ways. Here it is (possibly briefly), the leaked single "Hold My Hand." This track has been hailed as "the return of the King," and I hope it can be. Early reviews were positive, but who knows who was writing them? My guess is overly devoted and wacko Jacko fans cruising YouTube searching Michael Jackson over and over in case something new popped up. Don't get me wrong; I would like to see MJ in the news for something positive again, I'm just not positive this song will be the one to do that for him.

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Anonymous said...

I’ve got goosbumps all over!

The hype this one song has caused is amazing. Its not even MJ’s song, its Akons, but MJ’s vocals are truely amazing. Michael, you`re incredible, welcome back!