Thursday, August 28, 2008

AC/DC - Black Ice

Want to know what the best thing is about AC/DC releasing a new album? It's not new material from a classic group (although that's pretty good), it's not seeing the progression of their songwriting (don't worry, there's none), and it's not hearing Brian Johnson getting a little older and hoarser (is that even possible?) Nope, it's the fact that they're going on tour and they might end up coming here. Absolutely the best thing.

This song is a little pared-down for my taste, although there's no disputing that this band has hands-down the best rhythm section in rock music. I also don't understand how they came up with the title. The lyric is "Runaway train / running right off the track," but the title of the track is "Rock n roll train." Go figure, AC/DC's getting creative in their old age.

It's no Back in Black, but it's still worth a listen...

Linked in the video: there's no pre-sale for the new album yet, but their whole catalogue is available. Click the MySpace logo for some more classic AC DC.


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