Monday, September 08, 2008

McCain gets Rick Rolld... or do I mean Barack Rolld?

For those who aren't yet familiar with the term, from Wikipedia:

Rickrolling is an Internet meme typically involving the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song "Never Gonna Give You Up". The meme is a bait and switch: a person provides a Web link they claim is relevant to the topic at hand, but the link actually takes the user to the Astley video. The URL can be masked or obfuscated in some manner so that the user cannot determine the true source of the link without clicking (and thus satisfying their curiosity). When a person clicks on the link given and is led to the web page he/she is said to have been "Rickrolled". By extension, it can also mean playing the song loudly in public in order to be disruptive.

For those who already are, my post: Well, the US presidential election is shaping up to be quite the barn burner. McCain, who has long been criticized as too liberal, has imported as his running mate a woman who is slightly to the right of Mussolini. Obama, on the other hand, seems to coast along on his golden cloud of oration, and now, apparently, song.

In the video: I just learned you can do picture-in-picture using Overlay.TV's player. Neato!


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