Friday, October 10, 2008

Stephane Dion's interview train wreck

Last night a CTV affiliate aired an interview with Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion. The interview had a couple of false starts, which happens occasionally to anyone who talks with the press on a regular basis. As it typically goes in these situations, the station said they would not air the gaffes and the candidate was relieved. As may typically happen in election season when sensationalist journalism is all the rage, the newscasters went back on their word and aired it anyway. Nice.

I think Dion's problem is that he's too smart for his own good. Query: "If you were Prime Minister now, what would you have done that Mr. Harper has not done?" Results: 1) If I had been PM for Harper's whole term, our economy would be in much better shape because I would have done A and B and C. 2) If I am elected PM on Tuesday I will do the following D and E and F. 3) If I was PM for the last two days or weeks or months I would have...

I don't fully understand that question, and English is my first language. Hypothetical questions are among the most difficult to answer. Some critics are saying he should have defined his own timeline, given an answer and have been done with it, but I think he tried and the interviewer gave him no room. He tried to clarify the question to no avail. I think this journalist knows Dion's not the best talker (which doesn't mean he's not the best thinker) and was trying to trap him and make him look foolish. I think this is a low blow by a journalist who's not really worth his salt. I think Harper trying to capitalize on it is an even lower blow and a complete mistake. I think Dion's Liberals have the best economic plan out there, and I really hope they blow the Tories out of the water.

If you agree with my assessment; if you disagree; please comment.


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