Friday, October 03, 2008

Trident Insurance - Bouncing Boobs

Whether you find it deplorably trashy or brilliant advertising, I think it's safe to say this advert's garnered more than its share of attention. Some are disgusted, some applaud. Either way, people are talking about it, and in my books, that qualifies as a success. Whether or not the people who see it are interested in the product it promotes is an entirely different kettle of fish. But can you really say no to scantily-clad super-hot girls jumping up and down in slow motion on pogo sticks while the camera finds the trashiest of angles to capture it all? I think not. And just for the record, not all women are offended by this sort of advertising. My reaction was "Where can I get me one of those silver bikinis?" I did find some; click the photo in the bottom right if you want silver-wear too. (You may have to allow pop-ups.)

For your viewing pleasure, Trident Insurance's Bouncing Boobs:


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