Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beck - Modern Guilt

The reviews are in and they're more than mixed. While superficially, the sound of Modern Guilt is in Beck's usual upbeat, stylish, lo-fi vein, his musings are incredibly introspective. Producer Danger Mouse brings his signature scratchy snares, piano vamps and surf-rock rhythms and is an incredible foil for Beck's inner darkness. All that to say, this album goes great with a summer barbecue, but don't pay too much attention to the lyrics or they'll put a damper on the mood faster than a sudden downpour. The dichotomy of this album is probably best explained by the man himself: "It's harder and harder to write songs these days. I'm always slashing and burning, going, 'Is this too on the sleeve?' But if you're not up front like that then you're hiding behind something, so it's a real maneuvering." Maneuvering indeed. Check out Orphans below.

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Mademoisella said...

(I'm not the one who originally said this.)
I can't play the video either. :(

Anonymous said...

Try clearing your browser cache.

Anonymous said...

you used to be able to click on things in the video. did you get rid of that? its stupid just to have pictures of things blocking the video and cluttering it up if they don't do anything

glongman said...

Indeed you should be able to click on the images in the video. We are rolling out cool new stuff and are working out the kinks as quick as we can. Sorry for any inconvenience.