Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flip This House - Veronica Montelongo LaserShield Spot

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With PVRs and torrents and whatever else we use to watch these days, television is obviously going more and more in the direction of embedded advertising. You know, product placement. I first noticed it about 5 years ago when Dr. Phil did a ten minute spot on how he keeps in touch with his son using his Sony Handicam. Sony Handicam! These days it's reassuring when you get a genuine endorsement but more often what you get is what's above.

My question is, does it work? I think it must, or they wouldn't do it. It must at least work better than conventional advertising, which it seems no one watches anymore. I watch a lot of design shows, and real estate shows, and I have to say that on more than one occasion I've asked myself, "Where can I find a lamp like that?" It's difficult to research something you only saw, when there's no other information provided on it. It seems like there's a missing link there somewhere. Like someone could step in and talk to HGTV or TLC and say, "Hey, why not use products already in your shows to your advantage?" Somebody who's making these shows and creating these designs obviously knows the name of the lamp I like, and where to get it ... if only there was some medium by which they could deliver that information to me.

At least in this case, you know the name of the product and could research it yourself if you wanted. I just saved you the trouble.


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