Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holy Fuck - LP

Holy Fuck are an experimental rock band based in Toronto, and their album LP is the ninth in our series highlighting the ten finalists for this year's Polaris Music Prize. Their methods are pretty interesting in that the band was formed with the goal of mimicking the sound of modern electronic music without actually using any of its techniques such as splicing, programming or looping. In short, they make new music the old-fashioned way. And it's pretty cool. Below, find track two, Milkshake.

The shortlisters:
Black Mountain - In The Future, Plants And Animals - Parc Avenue, Basia Bulat - Oh, My Darling, Stars - In Our Bedroom After The War, Caribou - Andorra, Shad - The Old Prince, Kathleen Edwards - Asking For Flowers, Two Hours Traffic - Little Jabs, Holy Fuck - LP, The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour

Linked on the video: Check out Holy Fuck's MySpaceMusic page for more cuts from LP; album covers are click-through-to-buy.

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