Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Burial - Untrue

Where else but London could a sound like this evolve? Sparse and haunting, Untrue is the sophomore album by mysterious UK dubstep producer Burial, and it is the third we examine in our sift through this year's Mercury Prize nominees. I don't think anything describes it better than this: "You feel as if you are wandering dazed through the early hours of a Sunday morning. Half-heard mobile phone conversations, reverberations of bass bins in passing cars, snatches of dance music drifting in the air. The lonely sound of a distant tower block party heard coming up through the piss stained lift from six floors below." -- Tony Heywood.

Linked in the video: in the spirit of minimalism, you'll see nothing, but the links are there nonetheless. Once you hit play, the bottom portion of the screen becomes a link to Burial's page, and the rest is a link to the album.


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